Healthy Hot Dogs

It’s almost Fourth of July and that means BBQ’s and feasts! One of my favorite foods to eat on this holiday are hot dogs. But man can the calories really add up! But making hot dogs healthy? This just doesn’t sounds right, but I did just that, and surprisingly they were amazing! Don’t trust me just try for yourself. Here are some idea this Fourth of July for some healthier hot dogs.

  1. Wrap them in Romain

Instead of eating hot dogs on the bun remove it and make it a lettuce wrap. But instead of using lettuce which has little nutritional value switch it up with some romain. If you are like me and have a gluten intolerance this is a cheaper alternative than getting gluten free buns and adds way more nutrition to your meal!

2. Add Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is loaded with amazing bacteria for your gut health. It’s a fermented cabbage and also is high in fiber, antioxidants and is a great source of vitamin C and K. I will be the first to say I don’t really care for the flavor of original sauerkraut but Cleveland Sauerkraut has changed the game and made some amazing flavors that will make you completely change your mind about sauerkraut! These can now be found at Sprouts!

3. Add Kimchi

Did I already talk about how good fermented food is for you? Yes? Well I’m going to talk about it again because OMG they are so good for you! If Sauerkraut just isn’t your thing then try some kimchi instead. Loaded with all the same good stuff for you but a different palet, you can even try combining the two for some really new flavors. Sinto Gourmet not only makes amazing Kimchi that you can find at Sprouts, they also have these amazing eco conscious bags! Yea to good food and responsible brands!

4. Use All Beef Hot Dogs

The actual hot dogs you use can make a huge difference in how many calories your meal has. Not only do all beef hot dogs taste better but they also lead to more humane animal practices. Look at Teton Hot Dogs for example they are all grass fed and the cows are allowed to graze freely instead of living in small barracks. These can be found at a slew of stores but Costco really has the best value, otherwise, you can find a store near you.

5. Use Better Condiments

Condiments are a lot like dressing, they can turn something healthy into an overload of calories, salt and sugar. So Instead of piling on the overprocessed mustard and ketchup opt for all natural ground yellow mustard and organic no sugar added Ketchup. Trader Joes has a great all natural ketchup and this mustard at Sprouts was only $1 more than the highly processed ones.

I hope you enjoy this great American Independence Day and are able to eat all the delicious foods you normally do but with a twist to stay healthy!

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