Orange Carrot Smoothie

Instead of juicing and losing all that pulp that has all the best nutrition in it why not instead blend with lots of liquid! This is a great way to start the day instead of sugar filled orange juice.


  • Orange
  • Carrot
  • Chia Seed
  • Tumeric


You can use an orange or orange juice although I highly recommend getting the fruit because there is so much added sugar in most juices. If you are going to use a fruit juice get something like Natalies OJ because it has zero sugar added and is hand squeezed. Blend everything in a high blender with a lot and I mean a lot of liquid. I use coconut water but feel free to use normal filtered water as well. Soak the chia seeds for a couple minutes in some water. Add in the carrot, chia seeds and turmeric into the blender. I must say a high speed blender is the best for this, my vitamix ensures there is no pulp and it’s more like a juice than a smoothie. If it’s a little too chunky I just keep adding water until it’s the consistency I want. This can be more of a juice or smoothie by adding ice.


  1. That is my number one problem with juicing you lose so much of the actual nutrition. I love love love my Vitamix so much because it turns everything smooth even seeds! Thank s for reading my post!


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