5 reasons You Should Be Working With A Personal Trainer

Starting your fitness journey can be confusing and difficult. THere are a million reasons to quit in the beginning and let’s face it it helps to have a foolproof plan

  • 1. Accountability

It’s so easy to say not today or maybe later and give up when you are first getting started. That’s why it helps so much to have someone there to hold you accountable to your promises and make you do the things you don’t want to do. This is where you will find growth and change

  • 2. Building out a plan specific for your needs

You may have an idea of hat your end goal is but how do you get there? Better yet is that really what you should be focusing on? A big mistake people assume working out is only to lose weight but there are so many other things you can work on. You can even use it to gain weight, build muscle, sculpt and define your muscle, build stability within your body, the list goes on. With so many options to choose from it can be confusing on which you want to focus on because let’s face it there is a high possibility you want to achieve more than one of these goals. A personal trainer can listen to you and what you want, test your abilities and see where they should be guiding you

  • 3. Doing exercises correctly

I come from a soccer background and my last session with a personal trainer I learned I have been squatting wrong my whole life! Thats scary, specially since that can absolutely lead to some serious injury. Thats why its so important to make sure you are doing every exercise controlled and correct. A personal trainer can make sure you have a solid foundation in all your exercises.

  • 4. Cheerleader

When things get hard because the will, probably sooner than you expect. When you have just a couple more reps to go and you don’t know if your body can do it. Having someone who not only pushes you but also cheers you on and is rooting for you can be the difference in finishing a workout

  • 5. Helping you learn your limits

it can be so hard to figure out what your maximum effort for a workout is. We so often hold ourselves back just because our brains want to protect us. That’s why having someone who can’t be inside your head but can see how your body is performing is so important. They can safely push you beyond the limits you had set for yourself.

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