A Really Long List of Everything You Can Do With ACV

ACV is magical the amount of things that can be done with it are astounding really. So here I have compiled a list of everything you can possibly do with ACV. So go ahead take a seat maybe grab something to munch on while you read this because I’m warning you right now this list is long!

Can kill harmful bacteria

Aide in weight loss

reduce cholesterol

lower blood sugar leveles

improve symptoms of diabities

high in acetic acid with potent biological effects

reduce belly fat

Improve heart health

May have protectuve effects against cancer

Increase energy levels

Skin care get rid of dandruff

stop itchy bug bites and stings

freshen ahir between washes

relieve minor sunburns

clear skin from acne ans pimples

soothe a sore throat

ease heartburn and indigestion

cure hiccups

stop foot odor

deodorant replacement

whitens teeth

freshens breath

salad dressing

help feel satiated

preserve food

all purpose clleaner

facial toner

trap fruit flies

boil eggs to take off shells easier


wash fruits and veggies

clean dentures

bath soak

hair rinse

weed killer

in soup

in a sauce

in a tea

hommade cakes and candies

mouth wash

clean toothbrush

rid warts

dish detergent

eczema remedy

rid fleas

face mask

mole remover

makeup remover

soften kin

skin tag remover

fabric softner

keep out ants

drain cleaner

whiten laundry

jewelery cleaner

weed killer

clean cloth diapers

ward off parasites in pets

conjuntivitis o dogs

ear mites in pets

dog shampoo

immune system booster

slows the breakdown of carbs


prevents mastits

regulates pcos symptoms

reduces pms symptoms

regulate ph balance


energy booster

breaks down fat cells

hair conditioner

grow loss hair

set hair dye

helps with preganancy heart burn


lost voices

fungus like ringworm and toenail fungus



morning sickess


cold/ flue

diaper rash

clear sinus

athlete foot

foot soak





gallbladder infection


muscle cramps



yeast infection

credle cap

shrink fibroid



respitory issues

pickling food


digestive aid

vegan buttermilk

improve metobolic disorders

braising liquid

As you can see ACV has so many uses, what have you used ACV for? Let me know in the comments.

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