My Personal Experience with CBD

I don’t usually write many personal pieces but recently I experienced something I have never experienced before. I wanted to take the time to share my experience so you can know that you are not alone. And hopefully help make a difference in someone’s life who may be going through something similar.

I wasn’t depressed and unable to get out of bed, I wasn’t crying uncontrollably all the time. In fact, all outward signs would have shown that nothing was wrong with me, well, almost. Instead I had this insane feeling of inability to do any of my work. I am a creative who takes photos for a living and for whatever reason my mind couldn’t think of anything new and I was feeling completely overwhelmed, so much so that I couldn’t take any action in my work.

I couldn’t edit photos, take new photos, write anything, nothing. I was having a mental breakdown and had no idea what or how to deal with it. Unbelievably I was given a recent product from High Moon Health. They have three different products one for sleep, one for energy and one for anxiety. I had received the one for anxiety and thank God for that! As I took time off of work because, hey I couldn’t get any work done if I tried I would micro dose throughout the day. I don’t smoke weed often and don’t particularly love the feeling of feeling high, so I was incredibly worried that this product would make me feel that way. Instead after taking half a squirter full under my tongue I felt relief.

It was like my mind was able to relax and just be. This of course didn’t lead me to doing work right away but it gave me time to be able to tend to myself. Me and my boyfriend went to the town of breckenridge with his family and enjoyed the weekend. We hiked and enjoyed the town and even hiked a 14er. All the while I was able to relax and not stress about work or even better stress about missing work. I want to be clear that this product wasn’t an end all for my mental break down but an aide along with other pieces that allowed me to gain clarity and control in my life again.

It was terrifying completely losing control and being unable to take action and there were many factors and unhealthy habits that led me here. But knowing this product is out there and can absolutely make a difference in the most simple to more extreme cases is comforting. I have active anxiety and this along with things like meditation and journaling have helped me gain control and take back my life.

If you would like to check out this product you can visit the site here

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