Should You Workout When You’re Sore?

Maybe you just had a killer workout the day before, or you just did some strenuous activity your body isn’t used to. Either way your sore as all can be, should you go and hit the gym again or do another workout in this state?

When your sore this is usally reffeered to as DOM’s, delyaed on-set muscle soreness. This comes fro mmicro tears i nthe muscles. This allows the miscles to repair and become even stronger.

It is highly advised to wait 1-2 days between muscle fatigue because our bodies perform the best when we give it time to rest. But this doesn’t mean you can’t workout when you are sore.

Most programs take into account DOM’s and therefore target different parts of the body throughout the week. So if you had a killer leg day make sure to focus on another part of the body the next day like arms, chest or back for example.

So you can absolutely workout when you are sore. Just be sure to take into account muscle fatigue and give yourself some rest days for your whole body 1-2 times a week. Be sure to rotate which parts of the body you are working out and you will be golden and on your way to a stronger body in no time.

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