Why Does Your Body Get Sore?

What is happening inside of your body to make it feel so sore? It honestly seems like you can barely move and your muscles are so tight when you even make the slightest movement it feels as though they may tear. Well this is actually quite common, and there is an explanation to why you feel this way.

You see when you feel this way it is because your muscles are actually torn. They are microscopic tears and while it is bad to tear a muscle, these types of tears are actually a good thing. These tears are helping your body become stronger. If soreness lasts more than 5 days you may have a more serious tear or injury. But when fatigue and soreness last about 1-3 days this is very normal. This is called DOM’s known as delayed onset muscle soreness. This is often mistaken for lactic acid build up but lactic acid isn’t involved in this process.

Believe it or not anyone can experience this . The most expert trainers to the newest fitness enthusiasts. But as your muscles get used to being worked out the soreness will decrease. This means that you are getting stronger and building greater stamina. Any new workout where you are using new muscles in a different way than usual or working out muscles harder than normal can cause DOM’s . This only happens after working out and you shouldn’t have any of these feeling during your workout.

So don’t worry if you get this feeling a day or so after your workout it just means you are conditioning your body so that next time you do this workout you will be more prepared and able to do it without any soreness.

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