How To Handle Discomfort

Recognize The Feeling

Acknowledge how you are feeling and recognize that you are uncomfortable. Note where your state of mind is at and do not tear yourself down or feeling this way

Do Not Fight It

Our first instinct is to push emotions that are negative away. But all this does it allow them to build up. Instead we need to accept them and work through them. That starts with acknowledging and working through the emotions.

Meditate/ Breath To Relax

If it is too much to focus on where you are currently at instead focus on letting go of any feelings you may have. Take a deep breath and practice some deep breathing focusing on the flow in the body. Or do some simple guided/ unguided meditation allowing your mind to find one single thing to focus on so you can come back to your emotions in a more neutral space.

Acknowledge The Feeling(s) Associated With It

Fear, sadness, anger these are all normal feelings to associate with discomfort. Instead of letting these emotions run you, focus on why that particular emotion is coming from this situation. Does it have deeper roots from past experiences or trauma.

Let The Emotion Pass

Know that you have pinpointed the emotions and allowed the feeling to be present within you you can let it go. We need emotions and it is good to feel them and let, but the unhealthy part is when we harbor them and let them consume us day in and day out. Let it go.

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