The Perfect Morning Routine

Looking to have the perfect morning routine for the most productive morning? Well, here are some things that almost all successful entrepreneurs do daily. So take some notes, these may be some things you need to start adding to your mornings too.

Wake up Early

Think 6am is early? Well think again most successful entrepreneurs wake up at 4am! If that seems to extreme for you start with 5:30 and get up earlier and earlier as you start to see the benefits of waking earlier than all the rest. THe idea behind waking up so dang early? It’s simple while most people are in bed you are already starting your day, therefore, you have a head start on the day. It also allows you to fit more things into your morning routine with zero worries about needing to rush off to work or appointments.

Don’t Touch Your Phone

Most peoples impulse is to grab their phone and start checking their messages and social media as soon as we open our eyes and before we are even out of bed. But starting a day like this can have consequences and not necessarily good ones. So instead resist the urge to pour that blue light into your brain right away and instead get out of bed and do some mediatation, reading or journaling to channel your inner feelings and creativity before anything else.

Drink your Coffee with Mushrooms

Almost everyone drinks coffee in the morning its natural. We get a nice boost of energy and focus, it smells and tastes amazing whats not to love? Well with all the health benefits of mushrooms like lions mane and chaga you should be boosting that cup of coffee with even more. Many products out there now have mushrooms in the coffee, matcha or tea. or you can buy powders to add to any drink as well.


working your brain is very important and a really good way to do this is by reflecting on what happned the day before and your goals for this day. Creating a plan for the day allows you to stay on track and realize what the most important things you need to get done are right away. Journaling or making lists are great activities to do this with You can also mediate or do all of the above!

Read a Book

There are so many people in this world that are brilliant and consequently because of this there is so much amazing knowledge out there. While pod casts and books on tape are amazing you use different muscles while physically reading and therefore is a great way to train your brain and learn new vocabulary. Reading for 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your focus and retainment throughout the day.

Get Your Body Moving

While not everyone likes or wants to workout in the morning even if you don’t do a full fledge workout, you should make sure to get your body moving a blood flowing. This could be a quick little warm up or dance. Getting your blood circulating and your heart rate up early allows your body to be more engaged and energized throughout the day.

Start the Hardest Task First

The hardest task of your day should always be done first because this is when you have the most focus and energy to ge it done. By the afternoon our brains are fatigued and we start to slow down. If your hardest task it a bit extreme start with something very quick and easy to give yourself the confidence to boost to know you can get you work for the day finished. The point is don’t put his task off til the end because you will want to do it even less by then and it probably won’t be your best work.

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