8 Skincare Resolutions for the New Year

Skin care may not have always been your priority this year but you can change all of that with some simple resolutions that will have your skin glowing. It doesn’t need to be complicated or have 20 steps to have perfect skin. Here are some simple idea to up your skincare routine in the coming year.

1. Drink More Water

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused to older age but are more pronounced when your skin isn’t hydrated. Drinking a lot of water flushes toxins out of the body leading to less breakouts and reduced fine lines. Try carrying a water bottle around with you so you drink more water throughout the day.

2. Apply SPF All Year-Round

Even when the sun doesn’t seem like it is out there can still be a ton of damage done from those invisible uv rays. Applying SPF all year round protects your skin from free radicals and those invisible rays that cause dark spots and premature lines which no one wants.

3. Wash Your Face at Night

If there was ever a time to wash your face at night is the time to do it. Think about it you have been walking around all day touching who knows what with the occasional touch to your face not to mention your phone touching your face transfering who knows what to your skin. Trust me after an active day out and about you are going to want to cleanse that skin and give it a chance to regenerate overnight. That all starts with a good cleansing before bed

4. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

We have all been guilty of falling asleep with makeup and that’s something we are no longer doing. But an even more common occurrence is dirty makeup brushes that can lead to clogged pores and imperfect skin, which no one wants. At least a weakly cleanse of all brushes can make a huge difference in your skin care.

5. Get a Seasonal Facial

Who doesn’t love an at home facial but the pro’s really know what they are doing. While it can be expensive to go all the time our skin is most affected when the seasons go through changes. So getting a facial to help prep our skin for the dramatic change can make a huge difference in maintaining beautiful skin. Plus you can get great recommendations on skin care products/ ingredients you should be using for the new season.

6. Visit a Dr. to get a skin check and analysis

Again the professionals are here for a reason, and being good to your pocket book is important, but you also want to know where your skin is at and the issues you need to focus on to achieve your desired perfect skin. Knowing the issue can help you laser in on specific products to buy so you aren’t wasting money on things that you don’t need or just don’t work.

7. Get Rid of Expired Products

Things have expiration dates for a reason. Just like food your skin care products stop being as effective once they are expired. And let’s face it you are obviously not using that product enough if it is expired anyways. So call it a lesson learned and throw it out so you can put your focus where it really needs to be, on effective products that actually work!

8. Don’t Touch Your Face

This may be the hardest thing to implement because so many of us unknowingly touch our face. And even worse as your face becomes more clear and smooth you want to touch it even more to feel that glorious baby smooth perfection. But trust me this can really set you back as our hands are super dirty and you have no clue what you are transferring into your pores. Your better off keeping your hands away from your face unless you have just washed them and are applying product.

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