7 Best Times to Drink Water

Drinking water throughout the day is vital for us to maintain good health. But there are times when you can get the best results from drinking water. So if you find it difficult to drink enough water throughout the day try drinking a cup at these specified times to really boost your water intake throughout the day.

1. After You Get Up

This will activate your internal organs and give a boost to your body since you have just spent all those hours asleep with no water intake.

2. After a Workout

This will help to bring your heart rate back to normal and circulate all that fresh blood you have pumping throughout your body.

3. 30 min Before a Meal

This will aide in digestion of your food and make sure your body is breaking down all those yummy nutrients you about to give it. It also can help you eat less and feel satiated quicker.

4. Before Taking a Bath/ Shower

This will help you to lower your blood pressure and keep your body hydrated if you take really hot bath or showers.

5. Before Going to Bed

This will help your body replenish any lost fluids from the day and prepare it for no water during the night.

6. When Your Sick

This will help your body hydrate so it can function properly and boost your immune system to fight off those nasty bugs.

7. When Your Fatigued

This will help give you an energy boost and recharge your system so you can be more alert and focused.

How often do you drink water throughout the day? Do you usually drink water at any of these critical times? Let me know in the comments

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