5 Ways to Calm a Restless Mind Before Sleep

1. Schedule Time to Address Worries

block off a 15-30 min window during your day to address worries and concerns. Try to find solutions for them or ways to delegate so they no longer are your main concern.

2. Journal

Transfering your thoughts and ideas from your brain to paper can allow you brain to let go of the thoughts and relax.

3. Role Play

Walk yourself through the imaginary scene thinking of all the worst case situations that can arise. Now do the same thing thinking of all the best case scenarios.

4. Meditate

Concentrate on your breath and body. Find all the areas that are tense and breath into those areas allowing them to relax.

5. Read

Give your mind something to focus on that has nothing to do with your current situation. You can also listen to an audio book or podcast.

Do you have problems sleeping? What do you do to help you sleep? Let us know in the comments

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