How To Recover Quicker

Let’s face it, being sore sucks! But its also a necessary evil if you want to improve your strength and overall fitness. So while we can’t get rid of it completely we can make it effect us for a much shorter time period.

Ice Bath

Taking an ice bath within an hour after working out can help your muscles repair faster and cause much less soreness in the days to come.


Being careful to not overwork the already sore area getting a massage can really have an effect on loosening up the area you just worked out, allowing for you to feel like new faster.

Epsom Salt Soak

A nice soak in the tub makes not only for a nice self care moment but also helps those hard worked muscles relax, you can do this before and during muscle soreness to alleviate the pain quick.

Heat Pack

Heat allows your muscles to relax, getting rid of all the tension you created during your workout. This will help with lactic acid buildup that creates muscle soreness.


Something none of us probably do enough. Stretching is much like adding heat to the muscles it breaks up lactic acid and allows the muscles to loosen up. Stretching after applying heat is a great way to increase blood flow and lessen fatigue even quicker.


The best thing you can do for your muscles is rest them. This doesn’t mean you have to stop training but work a different muscle group and allow your body to fully repair itself before jumping back into it.

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