Common Sheet Mask Questions

Where did Sheet masks come from?

The first form of sheet masks were actually started in the 18th century in England. Madame Rowley, created what was known as a sheet glove. It involved a very uncomfortable device that held the mask onto your face while you slept so you woke up feeling rejuvenated. Unfortunately, while your skin would be beautiful not all got to experience this as they had died in their sleep from the lack of oxygen the mask allowed. With the rise in death so came the eventual end of the sheet glove. The much less constricting sheet masks that we have come to know and love today are thanks to Korean Beauty and the Western Worlds lack of time to do anything for ourselves.

Why are they so popular?

The popularity of sheet masks rose when they were strewn about celebrities social pages and instagram perfection feeds alike. No doubt pop culture and social media had a huge impact in the rise of sheet mask popularity but no one can deny the ease and amazing results that can be had from them as well.

What exactly is a sheet mask?

A sheet mask is essentially a cloth cut into the shape of a face. These clothes are primarily made out of natural fibers like coconut pulp, cotton or cellulose. The fabric is soaked in an intense serum containing lots of ingredients and vitamins for the skin. Florapy uses bio-cellulose to make its sheet masks, which is a very unique substance made of 100% premium coconut. This provides maximum hydration to the skin and soothing aroma-floral therapy for the senses.

What are the benefits of using a sheet mask?

Sheet masks are made to deliver ultimate hydration into your skin. Because the sheet allows the serum to penetrate deep into the skin you are left with glowing plump hydrated skin. Florapy sheet masks are the ultimate hydrating masks, infused with the power of flowers and aromatherapy. Skin hydration levels increase considerably, on average 8%-10%, after first use.

What are the differences of a sheet mask and a regular face mask?

A regular face mask generally comes in a cream or clay form. They are more used to address skin concerns and are applied all over the face, left to dry, and then washed off. Sheet masks are made from natural fibers and then soaked in serums containing antioxidants and moisturizing formulas of hyaluronic acids. Some caintin infused essential oils, or fragrances. They typically help with giving more moisture to the skin, help reduce signs of again and blemishes. Florapy has a wide array of masks that help the skin detox, cleanse, refresh, release stress, awake

What ingrediants are usually inside a sheet mask.

Most sheet masks include a large variety of ingredients from vitamins, natural oils and botanicals to acids that your skin will adore. There is such a wide range you should be able to find a mask to help with you specific skin type and skin concern. All of Florapy sheet masks are infused with flowers and essential oils. They have a range of masks that include jasmine peppermint, chamomile patchouli, arnica rose, calendula sage, sunflower lemon, blackberry primrose, dandelion lemongrass, and yarrow lavender. all masks are enhanced with recovery essence 8, a proprietary blend of vervain flower, grapeseed oil, olive oil, clary sage oil, carrot oil, almond oil, rosehip and vitamin E.

Are there ingrediants I should avoid in sheet masks

Look for sheet masks made with all natural ingredients without parabens. Depending on your skin needs and allergies you may need to stay away from sheet masks that have fragrances. Florapy masks are paraben free and contain natural non harmful ingredients that are safe for every skin type even sensitive skin.

When should I use a sheet mask?

Sheet masks are best used when you have time to relax and really enjoy the moment. Because of Florapy’s aroma-floral therapy its best when you can engage all of your senses. For best results it is recommended to use the masks 1-2 times a week.

Now that you are a sheet masks guru be sure to check out Florapy sheet masks. If you have more questions about Florapy Sheet masks you can visit their site here.

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