How To Recover Quicker

Let’s face it, being sore sucks! But its also a necessary evil if you want to improve your strength and overall fitness. So while we can’t get rid of it completely we can make it effect us for a much shorter time period. Ice Bath Taking an ice bath within an hour after working out […]

How To Start Your Fitness Journey

So you made the decision to start working out and living a more active lifestyle, way to go! But where do you even begin? Well here are some tips to get you started on your fitness journey. Commit to Change/ Hype Yourself up When starting out you need to be honest with yourself, this thing […]

Why Does Your Body Get Sore?

What is happening inside of your body to make it feel so sore? It honestly seems like you can barely move and your muscles are so tight when you even make the slightest movement it feels as though they may tear. Well this is actually quite common, and there is an explanation to why you […]

Should You Workout When You’re Sore?

Maybe you just had a killer workout the day before, or you just did some strenuous activity your body isn’t used to. Either way your sore as all can be, should you go and hit the gym again or do another workout in this state? When your sore this is usally reffeered to as DOM’s, […]

5 reasons You Should Be Working With A Personal Trainer

Starting your fitness journey can be confusing and difficult. THere are a million reasons to quit in the beginning and let’s face it it helps to have a foolproof plan 1. Accountability It’s so easy to say not today or maybe later and give up when you are first getting started. That’s why it helps […]