Mental Health

12 Steps to Start Self Care

Self care has been mystified in bubble baths and face masks. But if you are truly looking to start a healthy self care regime it starts deeper than that, it starts by looking inside of yourself. Here are 12 steps you can take when starting your self care journey. If it feels wrong, don’t do […]

How to Handle the Holiday Blues

The holiday’s are supposed to be a happy time so it can be really hard when we feel any other emotions. But the holidays are hard for a lot of people due to such things like loss, neglect, bad memories etc. Here are some tips you can use to help get you through the holiday […]

Top Food and Drinks to Stay Away From When You Have Anxiety

Caffeine Sugar Highly Refined Bread Energy Drinks Alcohol Processed Foods (fast food) The problem isn’t having these foods and drinks its having too much too often. So remember it’s ok to have a donut or a glass of wine every now and then just don’t go overboard or you may see your symptoms worsen. Do […]

Best Teas for Mental Health

Chamomile– relieves anxiety and helps you sleep Lavender– sedative effect that soothes and calms nerves Saffron– releases serotonin producing feelings of positivity and happiness Peppermint– contains menthol which combats mental stress Passion flower– brain chemicals that produce a calming effect Lemon Balm– treats anxiety and sleep disorders Green Tea– improves mood and energy and memory […]

How To Handle Discomfort

Recognize The Feeling Acknowledge how you are feeling and recognize that you are uncomfortable. Note where your state of mind is at and do not tear yourself down or feeling this way Do Not Fight It Our first instinct is to push emotions that are negative away. But all this does it allow them to […]

My Personal Experience with CBD

I don’t usually write many personal pieces but recently I experienced something I have never experienced before. I wanted to take the time to share my experience so you can know that you are not alone. And hopefully help make a difference in someone’s life who may be going through something similar. I wasn’t depressed […]